Personnel Action Forms

Enjoy a secure and efficient approval chain for employee payroll and HR changes with ePAFs.

Man checks recent ePAFs from his iPad with the Paycom app.

With our PAF software, you can:

  • reduce the compliance risk that physical forms bring
  • let managers complete and submit ePAFs for approval, and change fields as appropriate
  • batch-edit for groups of employees
  • use built-in categories of changes for consistency and accuracy
  • create additional change reasons as needed
  • rest assured that approved changes update systemwide
  • generate reports to track all activity or filter by type
  • enjoy a secure record of approvals by key decision-makers
Woman organizing her team's Position Management software on the Paycom App.

Streamline the process even further with position management.

Create a template with one field so that elements linked to that field automatically update systemwide. For example:

  • A supervisor updates the position of a promoted employee.
  • Our system automatically updates position-appropriate changes, such as overtime exemption or EEO categories.
  • No one in the PAF process has to re-enter data!

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