Stay clued in to employee vaccination and testing data for compliance peace of mind.

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Easy employer compliance

Ensuring a compliant workforce requires employers to be clued in to their employees’ vaccination and testing status, as well as the impact on the entire workforce. But how do you get the comprehensive insights necessary to be informed and action-ready?

Simple! Securely collect, track and manage that data with Paycom’s Clue tool, all within our single software. Clue gives HR and the C-suite the overview needed to guide decisions for easy workplace planning by giving employees 24/7 access to upload required information — and reminding them to do so. For a workforce of any size, how to achieve compliance peace of mind should never be a mystery.

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Employers benefit from the ability to:

  • be informed and audit-ready with comprehensive insight
  • monitor and analyze results in one dashboard
  • view real-time percentage of the workforce fully vaccinated
  • access robust analytics and customizable reports
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Our vaccination and test management tool lets employees:

  • quickly and easily enter vaccination or weekly testing information
  • receive reminders of weekly tests
  • upload vaccination records or test results
  • provide data securely and confidentially without direct conversations

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